Goodluck Beerhouse x Innocence Brewing


Good Luc Beerhouse Grand Opening Party Poster

Last month, we launched our latest wicked brew, Insidious IPA, together with the grand opening party of our friends Good Luck Beerhouse. 

Good Luck Brewhouse

Good Luck Beerhouse is a cosy craft beer joint at 9 Haji Lane. Visit them to try our Insidious IPA and Calamity Coffee on tap, along with a wide range of craft beers from all over the world. 

They're super friendly and knowledgeable bartenders will hook you up with the perfect beer that fits your mood. It's the best place to end a day shopping at Haji Lane. 

Beer starts flowing from 4pm from Monday to Saturday. 

All images taken from their Instagram account (which you should definitely follow). 

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