About us


Growing up in Guam, Michael, our founder and brewmaster, and his brother would go to bars on a mission to try every single beer on the menu.

That was two decades ago.

Over time, Michael worked and drank his way across the USA, Europe and Australia. After learning the craft of traditional beer brewing in the UK, he finally settled in Singapore where he opened Innocence Brewing.

 In early 2016, Innocence Brewing proudly produced its first batch of commercially-ready beer.

innocence brewing kegs

Running a brewery isn't easy. As you can imagine, equipment can be temperamental, licenses are difficult to get and operating a business is always complicated.

But, despite everything, Michael still loves brewing craft beer. The satisfaction from seeing someone enjoy an Innocence Brew makes everything worth it.


Making local craft beer accessible to everybody.


We might be cheeky devils but we take a simple, no-bullshit approach to our beer.

We believe that craft beer doesn't have to be intimidating, full of jargon or an acquired taste. Instead, we stripped all of that away to bring you beer that’s simply delicious.

This is why we brew our beers to be smooth, easy to drink and a great introduction to local craft beer. 

We're especially proud of the local part. The craft beer scene in Singapore is growing. But it's growing mostly with foreign beers that were made for different palates and climates. 

So that's why our beers are made with our sunny climate and char kway teow-loving tastebuds in mind. We want to give Singaporeans a taste of local craft beer, made just for us.